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MCI Partner
Princeton Instruments
Princeton Instruments designs and manufactures high performance CCD, ICCD, and EMCCD cameras; spectrographs; and optics-based solutions for the scientific research, industrial imaging, and OEM communities. We take pride in partnering with our customers to solve their most challenging problems in unique, innovative ways.
The main businesses of S&I are the development and sale of high end Raman spectrometers and the distribution of scientific equipment in Russia and the former Soviet Union. Our aim is to offer the best equipment on the market and to deliver customized system solutions for scientists. Our application lab in Anröchte and cooperations with scientist nearby...
We are ideally situated to help you with your spectroscopy instrument requirements, design and implementation, and can supply leading spectroscopy solutions in a variety of application areas including:
  • Light Source Characterisation
  • Colour Measurement
  • Absorption / transmission ...
Avantes is a leading manufacturer of fiber optic spectroscopy instruments and systems with almost two decades of experience developing customer-defined spectrometer configurations.With a long history of consulting with clients across diverse industries and applications, Avantes is an experienced partner, equipped to guide customers who want a solution...
Applied Photonics
"The company's core expertise is focussed on industrial applications of laser spectroscopy with particular emphasis on Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS). Our current business activities include contract R&D, nuclear inspection services, design and manufacture of bespoke instrumentation...
Jacomex in its current form results from 70 years of experience in conception, manufacturing and sales of glove boxes, isolators and inert gas purification systems. The association of the metalwork and confinement technics expertise allows the company to manufacture very high quality products.
Intensified CCD cameras have been delivered to many institutes that are active in fields like biomedical research, astronomy and experimental physics. Special medical cameras have been developed for the analysis of the vocal cords.
For over 25 years now, SPS-Europe offers versatile, high-quality, all plastic POLOS™ single substrate spin processors. Various models have proven themselves over the years for processing a wide range of substrates from small fragments up to ∅450mm substrates. We offer even units for flat panels up to 1000mm square.